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Kumho Tyres ECSTA HS51

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In the past you were given the choice; comfort or high performance, not both. Well now, things have changed with the development of new ‘harmony sports tyre‘ – the Solus HS51 (Ultra High Performance) with its cutting edge tread design and high-tech compound brings the best of both worlds. Precision handling and braking combined with smoothness and quietness. Together with the road in perfect harmony. Road Hazard Warranty

Key Features

  • Solid Rib-Type Design - Improved wet braking and reinforced block stiffness by centralized ribbed-pattern design.

  • Wide Lateral Grooves - Wide lateral grooves help to maximize water displacement when cornering.

  • Wide 4 Channels Main Grooves - The pattern design with its 4 wide linear grooves improves water displacement performance.

  • Closed & Notch Shoulder - Handling performance has been improved thanks to a strengthened shoulder block. – A groove notch has been added to improve performance while cornering and in the wet.

  • Compound Technology - High Technology Material & Compound is applied to maximize the Driving Performance.

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Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
195/45R15 78V
205/55R15 88V
225/60ZR15 96W
205/55R16 91H
205/60R16 92H
215/45R16 86H
195/45ZR17 85W XL
215/55R17 94V
215/60R17 96H
225/45ZR17 91W
215/55R18 95H
235/45R18 94V